Under 8 and Under 10 Blitz Fixtures

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Host Clubs take over from here and make out their own schedule for the day of the Blitz.  Host clubs are highlighted in yellow in the list. If a Host Club has a problem with pitch availability etc then they should contact the other clubs in the group to see if another club can host in their place.  Clubs should advise Co Secretary if there is a change of venue.  Blitzes to commence at 11.00am (unless otherwise advised by Host Club).  U8 & U10 games should be 20 minutes duration (10 mins per half).

Clubs should contact their Host Club a couple of days before Blitz confirming their attendance and also to give approx numbers if possible.

As per Go Games Rules  U8 should have min 7-a-side and max 9-a-side and U10 should have min 9-a-side and max 11-a-side.  Just so everybody has a common starting ground, it is suggested that U8 play 9-a-side and U10 play 10-a-side as there seems to be very large numbers in these age groups and it will be very hard otherwise to ensure that each player gets even game time per Blitz.  Clubs may change this “on-the-day” depending on numbers present provided they stay within the guidelines/rules of Go Games.

Finally, Clubs should provide the Host Club with the name of 1 person from their club who will act as referee if required.

Just an extra bit of info for Host Clubs.  Lidl are the main sponsors of Ladies Gaelic Football and if we want drinks, snacks, etc for the kids, they require an email sent to their Head Office a minimum of TWO weeks before an event and there is usually no problem with them sponsoring “stuff” – the local shops just need to get go ahead from Head Office.