County Board Update


As a follow up to Monday nights County Board meeting a number of people are required to come forward who are prepared to assist with CODA, the disciplinary section, which requires at least one or possibly two additions.

Hearings requires at least 5 people to join the rest of the panel and clubs are requested to have names in by the first week in February.

It is important to have these groupings in place before the playing season commences otherwise we cannot function without a disciplinary system been in place.

PRO Committee:

This committee will be headed by PRO Dermot Woods, but with the amount of games to be covered with reports being generated for the Press & Social Media, we require 3 or 4 people who may be Media Studies students or similar but not necessarily. These names would also be required by early February.

Safety Statements:

As per the meeting only 12 clubs had sent in their Safety Statements.

This is not suggesting that clubs don’t have them, but it’s a requirement to inform the Child Protection Officer that it is completed and a copy must be forwarded either by email or hard copy also. The email address for this is:

New Clubs:

In relation to new clubs coming on board within Louth LGFA, only a few have attended our Co Board meeting despite receiving email notification. There is an onus on ALL Clubs to attend if they wish to partake in LGFA competitions.

The clubs who are not attending will be receiving emails over the coming days.