WhatsApp use within the LGFA

Message from the LFGA regarding the use of WhatsApp:

Following the recent reports about the use of WhatsApp within sports clubs we feel it is prudent to remind clubs of the LGFA’s position on this.  Over the past year, the LGFA has developed a good working relationship with the Data Protection Commissioner and following their advice, from a legal and safeguarding perspective it would be irresponsible for the LGFA as an organisation with a legal responsibility to “endorse” the use of WhatsApp. This is due to the non-compliance of WhatsApp (as a company) with data protection regulations along with other safeguarding issues around the sharing of personal data such as phone numbers and pictures in WhatsApp groups. We understand the needs of our members to communicate with each other and we urge all clubs to issue communications in a responsible and appropriate manner that meets their requirements. Clubs who wish to continue to utilise WhatsApp to conduct club business do so of their own volition.

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