An interview with Bryan Lynch – Louth Ladies Under-16 Manager

With Louth LGFA left playing the waiting game due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Louth LGFA have introduced a new series with PRO Dermot Woods chatting to some of the local names. 

Today’s guest is Louth U16 Manager Bryan Lynch

You played for Hunterstown Rovers but are now aligned with Glyde Rangers.

Yes Hunterstown Rovers GFC was my club up until I moved into Tallanstown where all my kids line out for Glyde Rangers GFC

Did you win any major honours as a player?

No major Honours at Senior Level as I quit playing in my late teens to focus on my career. Should have had a few all the same

Any call to represent your county?

No but trying to serve them now by looking after the Girls under 16s

Your first season as a county manager has been cut short, that must be a huge disappointment for you?

Absolutely, we had the girls at full fitness and had a couple of successful challenges and one championship game under our belt

Who is on your backroom team and how important a role do they play?

My Backroom team are Sylvia Smith, Deidre Ryan, Claire Byrne & Alice Turley. They all have a very good knowledge of ladies football and are qualified with the right qualifications to put their experiences forward to help progress the team.

Have you been able to maintain contact with the players?

Yes, but we kept very little contact under the restrictions and guidelines so as to see what changes the Covid was going to bring as time went on.

Was it your plan to move into coaching when you playing days were over?

Not really but once my kids are playing, I felt I had to get involved as were all in it for the kids and on a voluntary basis.

What, in particular motivated you to seek the Louth U16 job?

I felt that I had trained with underage kids for the previous few years (both boys & girls) and I felt I could give the time and effort to better the girls and myself in this role.

Your most thrilling footballing memory?

Too many to mention but I’ve had great memories over the years.

Your worst moment? 

Making the decision to quit football at a young age. Looking at it now it helped my career but I would advise anyone playing football to play as long as you can.

Most difficult opponent?

Can’t remember but I broke their hearts too whoever they were.

Your biggest influence?

My Kids. Love watching them play football and progress in their journey, That’s why we do it.

Biggest regret?

Not winning a champions medal with Hunterstown Rovers GFC because of quitting early. They won plenty after I left but I wonder why !!!

What would you change to make LGFA more appealing?

Nothing because the way they play sometimes can be more appealing than watching the men play.

If you could alter one thing about the GAA, what would it be?

It would be to let the game flow quicker and play more ball instead of this possession game and no one getting touches for a length of time.


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