LGFA Injury Fund – Return to Gaelic Games Advice

Under the updates provided on Friday June 20th 2020, it is anticipated that clubs will be in a position to return to non-contact club training for adult members on June 24th 2020, and non-contact club training for juvenile members on June 27th 2020,  with a limited number of participants.

The LGFA Injury Fund will resume to cover participants of these face-to-face training sessions only from the date applicable above.

There is no cover under the LGFA Injury Fund for members who are under the age of 18 until after June 27th.

 This will require members to submit a copy of the training session attendance record, as required under the guidelines to be completed for each session, along with their preliminary claim form.

Cover will extend to official club challenge matches with effect from June 29th 2020, and official club fixtures from July 17th, in line with roadmap.

Should a member receive an injury during a club challenge match or official fixture after these dates, a copy of the referees report and team sheet must be submitted with the preliminary claim form.

At present, the guidelines in place state that county activity cannot resume until September 14th 2020, therefore no Injury Fund cover is in place for this activity until this time.

No claim will be opened without the required documentation noted above.  

The LGFA Injury Fund is in place to cover an injury sustained by a registered member during an official match/training session. In order to be covered under the Injury Fund following the resumption of training and matches, players must ensure that their registration active on the date of participation. Please note, as Covid-19 is a viral illness not an injury there is no cover under the LGFA Injury Fund  for any loss incurred due to Covid-19.

Should a player sustain an injury and decide to pursue private treatment, the prior approval process introduced in March 2020 (submission of the doctors referral letter and approval request by email) remains in place as will the submission of preliminary claim forms by email within the 8 week deadline. Please ensure this is advised to all members as a number of claims have been declined due to the submission of late preliminary claim forms for injuries sustained in January/February of this year where the notification was only received in June.

As noted during the Covid-19 Club Webinar Briefing on June 16th 2020, it is the personal responsibility of each participant to ensure they are fit and healthy to resume training. Injury is an inherent risk of the participation in any sport and it remains the participants responsibility to ensure they are adequately financially covered in the event of an injury. As always the Injury Fund is in place to help alleviate some of the financial burden experienced but should not be relied on to cover all expense incurred.

Amy Coll                                                                 

LGFA Injury Fund Co-Ordinator