Intermediate Final – Clans v Barrs – the views from around the clubs

Jade Mckeown (Kilkerley) on the Inter Final

Both teams have  experience of senior players on their side and the youth  on their teams, it will be a tough and a close game 

After losing the final last year Finnbarrs will want to come out this year and prove they can win. 

Clans and Finbarrs met early this year with Clans having a strong win, but from playing Finbarrs three times this year they have the determination within them to show the Clans how much they’ve improved as the season went on.

I  have played against  Clans twice this year and both times they have been excellent with their team work and fitness. The Clans when they played us showed they are a well organised team.They continue to improve on their team work throughout each game and communicate well with each other. In both matches against us they have played Katy O’Reilly as a sweeper, which worked well for them but they may change that tactic this weekend, and if the Finbarrs have watched their game back from the weekend they will be working on their game plan. 

Finbarrs are also a well organised team particularly  working from their back line at a fast pace to their forward line.

Both teams have had a high number of goals in each of their games they have played,so both defences will need to mark woman on woman on Saturday.

Both teams have very strong forward lines in particular Ciara Woods for the clans and Ciara McMahon for the Finbarrs, both girls will need to be marked closely. 

It is a very close came to call but from experience playing both teams, I would predict the Clans will win mainly on their communication throughout the game and the organisation they have within their midfield and forward line. Clans have worked hard for a number of years to get to where they are in this year’s  Championship, losing just once. This is their first year in an Intermediate final and they will want to prove the hard work and dedication they have put in over the last number of years will pay off for them. I wish both teams the very best of luck and it will be an excellent game to watch.

Michelle McMahon (Glyde) thoughts on Inter  Final

You have played against both Clans  and Finbars recently, how do you see the final faring out

It’s a hard one to call – I think both teams are very well matched and it’ll be a closely contested game. They’re both quite physical with height around the middle of the pitch and lethal forwards. Although they seem to play a slightly different game with the Clans tending to release the ball up the field much quicker while the Finbars work through the hands a little more. It’ll undoubtedly be an enjoyable match from a spectator perspective.

Where are the key areas where this final can be won and lost

Winning the midfield will play a big part in the game; both teams used their height and fielding ability against us so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top of that battle. Perhaps having that second option for keeping possession from kick outs will prove important. Also, both sets of forwards are extremely fast and very dangerous. We couldn’t contain the Clans forwards while the Finbars scored 4 goals against us. I think whichever set of defenders gets to grips with their opponents first will come out on top in this.

Clans appear strong up front with ex Dublin player Denise McKenna now on board as well as impressive youngsters Ciara Woods and Cara McKeever.

All fantastic players that really stood out in the semi but their counterparts in Saturdays final will really test them. Heather Rogers in the middle for the Finbars will pose a good challenge for Denise McKenna, while Ciara McMahon and Laura Sharkey upfront will be able to match the exploits of Ciara Woods and Cara McKeever.

The experience and pain of losing last years final, will that drive  Finbarrs on

It has to be a massive factor that would have been driving them on throughout the year. They’ll know from last year what worked in the build up and what didn’t and will hopefully have learned from that. Although a number of the key Clans players won an intermediate final with Killhill a number of years back so they’ll have that bit of match day experience too.

Whats your thoughts on the live stream by Louth LGFA

It’s absolutely brilliant! A fantastic way to get more people watching the games and displaying the talent that ladies club players have to offer. The commentators really make the coverage as they know the players and are able to give that extra insight. I’ll definitely be tuning in on Saturday.

Maria Reid  Mattock Rangers and ex Louth player view

Clan Na Gael have gained a few new players this year and they seem to be motoring well. They had a big semi final win over Glyde Rangers scoring 5-11. Naomh Fionnbarra also had a great win over a strong and youthful Kilkerley side scoring 2-12. Both teams have key attackers that will need to be marked. Prediction: Clan Na Gael.