Louth LGFA News – updates from County Board Meeting

Review Committee Findings:

At Monday night’s meeting (10th May) of the LGFA Louth County Board, the Review Document into how LGFA Football in the County is being organised was adapted. This document (which was the ¬†brainchild of County Chairperson Liam O’Neill), was formulated after he put a committee together at Annual Convention to take a look at ways of improving the game in the county.

Their recommendations were arrived at after surveying clubs, players, parents & referees right across the county.

Given the short playing season, due to COVID restrictions, some of this plan may not be used until the next full playing season begins. But this year it is intended to press ahead with as much of the plan as is possible, which will hopefully transform the game in the county.


There were quite a few transfers took place over the past few weeks, amongst those were the transfer of County Player Una Pearson from Dowdallshill to St Brides and the impending transfer of Grace Rogers who is returning to the County to play with her home club of Naomh Fionnbarra.

New Teams:

There are a number of new adult teams taking part this year, with Dundalk duo Dundalk Gaels & Dundalk Young Irelands taking part, along with Cuchulainn Gaels who are now on their own following the unfortunate demise of Dowdallshill with whom they were amalgamated previously.

There are also a number of new B teams taking part this year which indicates the sport is actively growing in the county.

Club League & Championship:

There will be no promotion or relegation in the league this year, and no County players are allowed to take part in Club League matches because the County will be playing National League and preparing for the All Ireland Series immediately afterwards. Players may be released to play at the discretion of the County Manager. The Club Championships will not begin until the County are finished in the All Ireland Series.