Important information before club games start on 7th June

Competition regulations and guidelines for 2021 are available here

All clubs have been notified that the date for submitting the Club Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Statement is extended until Monday 7th June 2021. 

As of now the majority of clubs have yet to summit their Risk Assessment and Club Safeguarding Statement. 

We would ask all out-standing clubs to please submit their statments ASAP.

With the playing season about to begin we find ourselves in a very unsatisfactory situation with regard to the qualifications of team mangement (or lack off) within a number of clubs.

Some clubs have failed to submit the necessary information regarding team management groupings within their clubs.

Those who have already sent these in will know who they are, and likewise for those who didn’t.

This is a very serious concern, and one which will have to be finally addressed within the coming week. In reality this issue poses a real possibility of some fixtures being withdrawn over the coming weeks.

Therefore there will be a Special County Board meeting called this coming Tuesday June 8th at 9pm to address these shortcomings, and it is hoped to have a representative from LGFA present to address this issue.

The meeting will be for either the Chairperson or Secretary (One Only) from each club.

So we require each club to send in the name and email address of the ONE participant Chairperson or Secretary by Sunday evening next June 6th, so as the ZOOM link will be sent out in time.

Please be advised that there are no Referees appointed to u12 matches.

The reason is simple, we cannot guarantee that there will be enough Referees available with so much games activity on at all grades/levels right across the county.

Currently it’s a struggle to get u14’s u16’s and adult covered.

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays along with Sundays are four days out of the seven where we require Referees and add The GAA games to that,I’m sure you can understand the problem that exists.

However there is a Go Games Referees course being undertaken shortly and that may give us new Referees who can undertake u12 matches.

Home Teams are requested to TEXT in the scores after each game to 087-1468868 with the home team named first as it’s being used for grading purposes.