LGFA Injury Fund Update 2022

The LGFA have developed new preliminary and injury claim forms. All previous versions of the preliminary or injury claim form should be destroyed.

Also recently released on the Injury Fund section of the LGFA website is the LGFA Injury Fund Guide 2022. This provides all benefits, terms and conditions of the LGFA Injury Fund. Making this information freely available on the website allows everyone to view the information. This prevents any member from not being aware of what is required to benefit from the LGFA Injury Fund.

In relation to the notification of claims, as per the procedure notifications should be submitted by email once the preliminary claim form has been signed by the relevant signatories.

Please be aware of the 8 week notification deadline for preliminary claim forms.

Full details of the benefits and terms of the LGFA Injury Fund are available online at https://ladiesgaelic.ie/resources/injury-fund/.